The Swiss army knife of public speaking

2000px-Gnome-media-playback-pause.svg (1)Pause. Yes, a simple pause is what I consider as the Swiss army knife in public speaking. Think about it:

– Do you find yourself rambling sometimes and turning into a train that is about to go off track? Apply a pause and breathe.
– Are you transitioning from one key point to another? Combine a pause with a physical transition from one speaking area to another.
– How about building up audience’s anticipation before you announce your most ingenious … surprise!
– Too many of us have our filler words when speaking, using words such as “uhm” and “so” leading into an important sentence/message. Don’t they feel awkward for you and your audience? Replace them with a confident pause.
– When you forget what you are about to say. … Then you are back.

It is true that pauses often feel much longer when you are derivering them in front of an audience. The trick is to practice, practice and practice. After all, pause is extremely versatile and portable, like a Swiss army knife. I know I always find myself pleasant surprised at how good it feels to apply pauses, and pat myself on the back for remember using it – after all we all carry one already.